The Mayo Clinic has found that the health benefits of even moderate exercise are sizeable.

Let’s take a moment to consider the implications of this for one sedentary demographic in particular, socialites!

Hi! Let’s get this party started!

Come with me. We are heading in the direction of the salon.

So now first thing, get your foot in the door. Yikes, it’s crowded in here!

As a warm up roll your eyes, raise an eyebrow or two and sniff, disdainfully if you like. Here we go, let’s elbow our way into the room.

Okay, time to stand out! One, two keep your chin up! Three four curl that upper lip. Four five hold your head up high.

No one’s paying any attention! Six, seven, raise your hackles!

Arrgh, there’s that awful Agnes over at the refreshment station.

Eight nine, keep abreast!.

Ten eleven, put your lips into a pout. You’re doing fine!

Twelve thirteen, hold your haunches! She’s heading over here toting way too many water bottles.

Fourteen fifteen, lift a finger to help!

Ow! What’s with the slap? …That butt pat was meant as a compliment!

Sixteen seventeen, now turn the other cheek….

You’ve had enough? Whew, Ok!

But reach way down deep and give me one more!

Eighteen nineteen…

…Put your foot down!

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