Psychology Today offers ten ways to overcome toxic resentment in this article. Homeopathy also works to help us forgive, forget, and reconnect with positive energy. Let’s check out four homeopathic remedies for entrenched disappointment.

Sepia Resentment because disappointed too many times

Repeated disappointments occurring within a relationship that started out with chemistry and optimism eventually entrench themselves. The result is a hard-to-kick resentment that can include physical as well as emotional and mental symptoms. In the Sepia remedy state for example, a woman (most often the case) finds that in general her energy stagnates: the abdomen bloats, skin lesions never entirely heal, hot flushes and exhaustion are frequent. The emotional profile includes apathy, aversion to being contradicted and sarcastic wit.  On the mental plane a confusion of psycho-sexual identity crops up as in her thinking: “Who am I anymore — a treasured love object or a workhorse? It’s no longer clear to me.” We can reduce the theme to a single sound bite: Hope has become toxic. Via Sepia’s snapping her out of this dismal state the possibility of a reciprocally supportive reconnection with her spouse arising gains a fighting chance.

Folliculinum Resentful because treated like a doormat

In the previous instance concerning Sepia we noticed resentment susceptibility being rooted in a positive quality, the natural optimism of the woman. In Folliculinum a similarly positive quality sets the table for entrenched disappointment: an “I can and should fix this” mentality. Such a woman (as it is mostly, but not in every instance) attracts a man who both exasperated by and inclined to exploit her tendency to martyrdom over a long period of time comes to dominate her with his will. The result, a remedy state very much like Sepia includes features such as hormonal dysregulation, slowness of illness recovery, and fatigue. Unlike the Sepia woman the Folliculinum woman is not kidding herself. Unconfused, she is fully aware of having been treated like a doormat and resents it. How fortunate that the remedy can free her from this mindset. As a further note, made from ovarian hormone Folliculinum rebalances the hormones of a woman who after lengthy reliance on birth control pills is now coming off of them.

Ammonium Carbonicum Resentful because my father is a hypocrite

Initially, every boy believes his father is a god. This means that even if a strict disciplinarian the father has values issuing from on high. But should that father become both mean and hypocritical, resentment festers in that boy. Though striving mightily to hide his anger, he can grow up embittered. In such an instance, meaning an Ammonium Carbonicum remedy state, he comes to suffer from having to suppress his rage. What emerges is a state of general uncleanliness with breathing difficulty, biting and burning pains, a sensitivity to damp, cold weather and even obesity that the Ammonium Carbonicum remedy can work its magic to evict.

Ammonium Fluoratum Resentful about being denied sex or money

In this second version of an ammonium remedy, fickleness, greed and sexual cupidity that homeopaths associate with fluoride are grafted onto Ammonium’s bitterness theme. The result is a remedy that releases man or a woman from entrenched bitterness relating to sex or money having been withheld. The state can arise either “legitimately,” for example after injury or illness has rendered a sexually virile partner dysfunctional. Or it may be rooted in an individual’s past experience of disappointed idealism or denial following a history of being entitled. How cool is that? A remedy to expunge the toxic charge of denied sex!

As they almost but never quite say in the television commercials, if you are stuck in resentment talk to your homeopath!

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