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Donald Trump’s Homeopathic Remedy, a Postscript. Does he need Benzene petroleum?

Published in the Homeo Magazine Dynamics March 31, 2017

As a follow up on his first article about Donald Trump, Jerry Kantor, American homeopath analyses The Donald after some weeks of presidency. He has some new interesting prescriptions. Petroleum Raffinatum, secondarily, Platina, Palladium

Several weeks into Donald Trump’s tumultuous presidency I am confident that a syphilitic prescription remains in order. His recently signed orders greasing the rails for the Keystone XL and Dakota Access oil pipelines now cause us to consider yet another syphilitic remedy. Proven by Sunil Anand this would be Petroleum raffinatum, also called Benzinum Petroleum (Benz-p).

The ubiquity of petroleum is stunning. Its presence dominates transportation fuels, fuel oils for heating and electricity generation, asphalt and road oil, food stocks for making the chemicals, plastics, and synthetic materials, pharmaceuticals, birth control devices, in other words virtually every aspect of human existence. To learn how all of this came about the documentary, How Big Oil Conquered the World is recommended: Kindred in spirit too, is the 2007 Paul Thomas Anderson film, There Will Be Blood.

The Consciousness of Petroleum

A syphilitic conundrum opposing Entropy and Consolidation forms the psycho-drama playing out in petroleum’s formation: As also applies to its precursor states shale or kerogen, petroleum reflects a mortified consciousness pertaining to buried and compressed (consolidated) organic material that would have preferred participation in the life cycle within biodynamic soil (the perversion of which destiny is entropic).

Instead, like for the mythic Genii in the Bottle, a great servant imprisoned in a bottle who was cast into the sea to brood over his lost utility, a powerful but compressed rage builds and builds, deep within the earth. Benzene, petroleum’s refined product eventually comes to vent this rage via its use in combustion and a vengeful, polluting havoc rained down upon its native soil birthplace.

A malevolent jack-in-the-box, the combustible Trump froths atop the landscape. What follows are the key points concerning this remedy illuminated by Sunil Anand in 1999 whose similarities with Fluoric acidum are marked. The remedy’s affinity for Donald Trump personally, but also for global victimization generally is impressive:

The proving symptoms of Benzene petroleum concern:


1) The oppressor who uses his power

2) The victim of the power

3) The global effects of the power game

*The Oppressor

1) has a flamboyant lifestyle

2) exhibits peculiar personality traits

3) demonstrates a lawless survival mechanism


1) Sybarite, needs enjoyment and stimulation. Uses or deals with drugs, narcotics, etc.

2) Exploits appearance as a means of flaunting his authority. Clothes are flashy and trendy.

3) Extravagance.

4) Striking materialism. Must possess only the latest gadgets and a surplus of everything.


1) Highly competitive. Nothing less than the best can suffice. Being the first matters the most.

2) Vengeful to contemporaries and potential rivals with whom he is ruthless.

3) Actions are quick so as to out race all the others. Drawn to racing cars, speed boats, etc.

3) Selfish.

4) Can also procrastinate, postpone matters of concern to the others.

5) Flaunts his wealth or physical body for power and fame.


1) At home with illegal transactions, black marketing, etc.

2) Hoards money and other resources.

3) Abusive language towards his inferiors.

4) Exploits others , willing to cheat and deceive.

5) Takes refuge in violence, threats, conspiracies & assassination, entertainments.


1) Frustrated.

2) Threatened and having to take action.

3) Exploited and standing up against injustice.

4) Threatened and acting out of desperation, revolutionary.

5) Isolated, depressed and hopeless.

6) Suicidal, often by stabbing.

7) Fighting for elbow room.

8) Can be sentimental.


1) A strain on time & economic reserves.

2) Depletion of energy.

3) Physically – Immunosuppressive diseases.

4) Pollution and suffocation raising a need for global warming & green-house effect.


Craving for meat, barbecued food (carcinogenic agents) on one hand and on the other a craving for green vegetables, fresh fruits & salads (healthy foods) .

Other Relevant Remedies

The discussion would not be complete without mentioning two other easily argued for remedies for Trump. These are Platina (arrogant, contemptuous, delusion he is of royal birth); and Palladium (better from flattery, a total diva, must be the center of attention). Relevant about these haughty metals is their synchronous importance within automobile fuel technology, emission controls.

© Copyright Jerry Kantor – 2/10/17

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