Brain injuries resulting in concussion usually involve temporary loss of normal brain function. Sports injuries, falls or vehicular collisions are often to blame. Delayed onset of symptoms days or weeks following the injury is not unusual. It can include: head or neck pain, nausea or vomiting, dizziness, tinnitus and fatigue. More vague symptoms such as feeling dazed or confused, sleep disruption, extremities tingling or numbness can also appear and linger.

Conventional medicine has little to offer to speed healing from brain trauma. But homeopathy does offer excellent options. In particular, three remedies must be considered following any concussion. These are:

1)   Arnica Montana. Made from Leopard’s bane and well-known for any musculo/skeletal injury, this is the first remedy of choice for brain trauma under all conditions. A key aspect of the Arnica state is a state of denial, the feeling that “Uh, I’m okay…” when that’s not actually true. The delusion of wellbeing results from there existing a level of consciousness in each of us that is deeply invested in our intactness. When a serious injury involving for example, amputation, or brain trauma occurs, this level of consciousness, says to itself, “Right now the facts don’t match up with my understanding of intactness.” It then concludes, “I am out of here” and departs. At the spiritual level, Arnica works by means of drawing the soul fully back into the body. With intactness of bodily consciousness reestablished, healing can then be maximized. (Note to parents, coaches, executives and players involved with football: buckets of Arnica should be available on the game field’s sidelines).

2)   Natrum Sulphurica. When for a prolonged period of time following head trauma an individual is never quite the same, this remedy comes into play. Aspects pertaining to the Nat Sulph state worth noticing include susceptibility to dampness, melancholy, digestive complaints, and a depressive sensitivity to being ignored or not listened to.

3)   Cicuta Virosa. Made from Northern water hemlock this is the remedy to consider when lingering concussion symptoms include unwarranted childishness, grimacing, unusual anxiety, avoidance of company and muscular spasms.

These and other indicated homeopathic remedy direct the victim of a concussion to going back on track. So it is good to remember as they never quite say in the television drug commercials:

Got concussion? Talk to your homeopath about what Arnica, Natrum Sulphurica, or Cicuta Virosa can do for you!

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