Significant life traumas leave lasting impacts on the individual whom they impact. Substances from which homeopathic remedies are made have been demonstrated to prompt psychological and physical effects equivalent to the effects of human trauma. When the diluted version of the substance and the trauma are matched, meaning the Law of Similars is applied the effect is curative. There are three compelling reasons why this benefit cannot be accounted for in terms of a placebo effect:

a)   Constitutional treatment of this sort provokes a temporary worsening of the condition known as the aggravation. Aggravations are not known to be associated with the placebo effect.

b)   Homeopathic remedies act effectively both with animals and toddlers, neither of which type of patient can be readily made aware of being treated, which is a necessary component of being treated with a placebo.

c)   Constitutional remedies provoke profound and multi-dimensional shifts in individuals that have distinct time frames, another phenomena not associated with the action of a placebo.

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