Time is of the essence….Over seventeen months now and counting, residents of the struggling town of Flint, Michigan have been exposed to lead toxicity because their source of drinking water, the Flint River has been polluted. http://www.cnn.com/2016/01/05/health/flint-michigan-water-investigation/.

Though a general health hazard it is the children, particularly those under the age of five who are most at risk to permanent neurological and organ damage. Despite a perception of hopelessness the homeopathic community knows otherwise. Homeopathy has a history of succeeding in the domain of public health where conventional measures have failed. Examples include the 1918 flu epidemic and more recently, public health homeopathy’s eradication of leptospirosis in Cuba in 2007.

Though Flint’s drinking water must immediately be made safe, the toxic exposure already having occurred calls for an additional, immediate response. Quite possibly a powerful homeopathic remedy can be made from the toxic drinking water itself.

A small number of remedies are at hand that on an emergency basis and on a public health scale, can beneficially be prescribed for the children of Flint. Compelling among these would be Alumina, Causticum and a “like to cure like” dilution of the self-same toxic agent, namely lead. This produces the remedy, Plumbum. When given early enough on (and when the picture fits) Plumbum prompts the body’s immune system to repudiate neurological damage.

Health officials or advocacy groups looking to explore this option may contact me.

As an example of how homeopathic information is organized what follows is a portion of Plumbum materia medica Plumbum from the renowned Indian homeopath S. R. Phatak. The information indicates that Plumbum has been clinically found to act curatively when the presenting picture includes some of the following symptoms:


Lead produces general sclerotic condition. It affects the MUSCLES; NERVES; SPINAL CORD; abdomen; navel, kidneys; blood vessels and blood. Symptoms appear slowly; insidiously; progressively; often with violent side effects of very changeable and incoherent character; coming in single parts; etc. Paralysis; hysterical; infantile; of single parts, (wrist drop), flaccid; with hyperaesthesia; worse touch. Convulsive trembling and jerking of the limbs. Emaciation; of limbs, with plump body; of paralyzed parts, of single parts; after neuralgia. Impulse to stretch with abdominal distress. Retraction; of abdomen; anus; testes; navel etc.


Anaesthesia is as marked as excessive hyperaesthesia. VIOLENT CONTRACTION. Retraction; sense of a string pulling back or in. Exaggerates her condition. Lightning pains that extort cries. Convulsions; chronic epilepsy, with marked aura; with haemorrhages. Boring; cramps. Progressive muscular atrophy. Multiple sclerosis; spinal sclerosis. Constriction in internal organs. Anaemia; jaundice; arterio-sclerosis; hypertension. Small aneurisms all over the body. Dropsical swelling. Gout. Ill effects of repelled eruptions. Sexual excess. Marasmus of infants in apparently hopeless cases, abdomen large and hard, and constipation extreme. Perception slow, comprehension is difficult. Tremors, followed by paralysis. Arthralgia.

Taciturn. Timid, restless and anxious. Frantic; bites, strikes. Quiet and melancholy. Fears; of assassination; of poisoning; thinks every one about her is a murderer. Stupid; imbecile. Delirium; nocturnal; alternating, with colic or pain in the limbs. Amnesic aphasia. Physical labour exhausts the mind. Slow perception. Weakness, or loss of memory. Increasing slowness and apathy. Inclined to cheat and deceive. Feigns sickness or exaggerates her condition. Hysterics, only while being watched. Screams from time to time. Fright without cause. Delirium from hearing music.

Let us act quickly to bring the homeopathic option into play!

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