Anacardium Orientale

The condition known as Tourette’s Syndrome is a neurological ailment in which people compulsively make sudden movements or sounds. Known as tics, these can include uncontrollable throat clearing, odd gesturing or the blurting of curse words.

Regarding a condition discussed homeopathically the point will always be made that no one remedy effects a cure in every instance. With regard to a client suffering from Tourette’s though, it would be surprising if your homeopath did not closely consider one remedy in particular: Anacardium Orientale, made from marking nut, the prime remedy for compulsive cursing.

Confirmatory features for prescribing Anacardum include: a tendency in the client to eat rapidly. In fact he feels better from stuffing his food down. His manner of eating parallels an emotional need to stuff down horrific feelings of low confidence and inadequacy. In mind-body terms the sensation of “stuffing down” extends to physical symptoms such as bowel function where a constipated sense of having a plug in the rectum is reported. Tightness of the head, a sensation of an encircling band is often spoken of.

Most importantly the homeopathic interview with an Anacardium client reveals struggle with horrific inner conflict. As if possessed by battling angels, one good angel and the other one bad, the inner drama vents a polarity: cruel behaviors (reflecting the hardness of the marking nut’s outer shell) alternating with remorseful and abject helplessness. Conjoined with cursing the individual is readily offended, indecisive and prone to mind fog.

The beauty of homeopathy is how it makes sense of otherwise mystifying conditions. The Anacardium individual diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome is not only treatable, meaning likely to greatly improve, but his or her condition can also be understood in terms of Anacardium’s existential theme: lack of inner unification resulting from having been dominated or humiliated.

As they do not quite say in the television drug commercials: “If you or someone you know is suffering from Tourette’s Syndrome, ask your homeopath about Anacardium Orientale.

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