Proposition: The practice of homeopathic medicine is unequaled as a profession

The Argument:

1) The work is fascinating

* No-one day passes where insight into the human (or animal) psyche is not gained;

* Homeopathic remedies are often made from plants, animal venoms, gases, mineral and mineral compounds. Your delving into the hidden meaning of your patients’ symptoms uncovers a unique theme. As this theme reflected by the remedy he or she needs, your work connects you with every aspect of natural world;

* Effortlessly your awareness and knowledge of nature expands.

2) The work is meaningful

* Homeopathy can be practiced effectively as physical medicine: using Belladonna for fever, Apis for bee stings, or Drosera for coughs for example. When practiced at its highest level meaning constitutionally its effectiveness reflects correspondence with spiritual truth as recognized by the principle as above, so below;

* Having the power of decoding symptoms and thus laying bare their meaning in understandable existential terms, chronic illness as addressed by homeopathy is deprived of its ability to frighten us. The emotionally charged existential issue loses its emotional charge. We are gain awareness, grow as individuals and feel better all at once.

3) The work is ethical

* As opposed to being given short shrift, what is often a ten-minute visit in a conventional medicine practitioner’s office, the homeopathic client receives long shrift (which literally means absolution). The homeopathic consultation is of sufficient length to allow symptom interpretation as well as registration;

* Not being commodities homeopathic medicine’s remedies are inexpensive, not dependent on corporate profitability for their “utility;

* By virtue of their being highly dilute they do not pollute or toxify the environment when disposed of or metabolized.

4) Homeopathy is gratifying to practice

* As the aim is to cure an illness as opposed to suppress or manage its appearance, homeopathy is highly gratifying to practice;

* In conventional medicine patients will seek and receive ineffective care for extended periods of time simply because it is reimbursed. At least in the US, homeopathy on the whole is not reimbursable by insurance. When patients must pay out of pocket, the standard for successful outcomes is thus high. A busy practice under these terms deeply validates the value of one’s work;

* You will find yourself engaging with a marvelous community of like minded, joyous, committed individuals—homeopaths the world over.

5) The work is practical

* Homeopathy can be practiced long distance. A case can be taken via remote-use media and the remedies can be mailed or obtained almost anywhere in the world;

* Remedy kits can be customized for multiple uses such as for acute emergencies, travel, or midwifery purposes;

* Cared for properly the remedies are durable and long lasting;

* Homeopathy involves entirely mental activity. It is not physically taxing;

* Although in certain countries such as Spain homeopathy represents the highest level of medical art of any sort meaning you have to be a physician to practice it, that is not true everywhere. In the US for example, one can study and become a homeopath in a freer and less expensive fashion. Please contact me (enter Promethium Homeopathic Academy in the Subject line of your email) and we can arrange to discuss this.

6) Your job is secure

* As a homeopath you will be self-employed so no one can fire or lay you off;

* Daily increase in your mastery ensures that no machine will ever duplicate or replace you. Many of the most famous homeopaths in history lived and practiced into ripe old age. It is the ideal profession for the long haul.

7) Homeopathy is the medicine of the future

* The advantages of homeopathy over conventional medicine are almost too numerous to describe. But let’s start: Given the ever rising cost of pharmaceuticals and the simple unavailability due to economics of drugs for rare conditions, homeopathy’s availability and effectiveness make it an obvious go-to option; being low tech and easy to manufacture remedies are an ideal match for the huge populations of the developing world; they are well suited for public health initiatives such as epidemic disease control, a wonderful example of which is Cuba’s success controlling the annual outbreak of leptospirosis; the influence of homeopathy’s less is more directive is evident within conventional medicine’s movement toward nano-medicine.

            Just sayin’….



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