The Alexander Litvinenko poisoning resulting in this former Soviet KGB officer’s London death in 2013 was due to Polonium a rare element on the Periodic Table. Homeopathy sheds light on why this particular substance was chosen

Indeed, why Polonium?

A killing of retribution on the part of KGB agents, Polonium’s choice reflects both an explicit and an implicit message:

It is explicit in indicating: Hey, this is expensive, rare stuff that only a government has access to. Litvinenko, you have messed with and pissed off a government.

Implicit is another message known to homeopaths: The act of naming an element is powerful. Polonium was named for Poland, its discover Marie Curie’s native land at a moment when the famous scientist was homesick. A remedy used to help an individual whose symptoms result from his being stuck in an outmoded era homeopathic Poloinum suits someone addicted to commemorating the past. LItvinenko’s murderers were thus subconsciously communicating the Polonium message; Hey, you think we old KGN operatives are irrelevant, outmoded, but we are not! See how we old dinosaurs can still reach out from the past to kill you.

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