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Acupuncture and Mesothelioma

Acupuncture a Powerful Integrative Oncology Tool The following article submitted to Homeopathic Wisdom by Jack Bleeker, a Research Coordinator at mesothelioma.com is a welcome reminder of the relevance of acupuncture with regard to problematic disease conditions, in...

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A Case of the Blues

Is the Blues treatable via homeopathy? Let’s repertorize the problem and find out! A Case of the Blues Taken by Jerry M. Kantor, Lic. Ac., CCH, RSHom (NA) MIND Blamed but he don’t care. Certain, ain’t gonna be no one’s dog. Has got ramblin’ on his mind. Tired of...

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Homeopathy and Other Modalities

In my experience homeopathy is one of, if not the single most profound of all healing modalities. Of course, this is true only when the remedy prescription is highly accurate! But yes, when such is the case one would be hard-pressed to find a health care intervention...

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Homeopathy and the FDA

Welcome to my new blog! These are days when truth often takes a terrible beating at the hands of perception so on occasion, let us seek some degree of redress. It will be my intention to live up to a self-imposed dictum, “Truth in Healing and in Health.”...

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